Prop. 400 – Altar Valley Elementary School Budget Override

The Altar Valley School District Governing Board is asking voters to reauthorize the 10% maintenance & operations budget override that currently supplements State funding for Altar Valley Elementary School.

Prop. 400: What It Does

If approved, the continuation of the override leaves in place funding that was approved by voters in 2002 and reapproved in 2008, 2014 and 2019.  It also leaves in place the existing property tax that funds the override.  The tax amounts to approximately $63 per year for the owner of a property assessed at the average value for the district. The override will be in effect for 7 years.  

The override will provide $520,000 (est.) in funding starting in the 2024-5 school year.  The District expects to use the money to maintain:

  • Competitive salaries for teachers and staff
  • Small class sizes
  • Free full day Kindergarten
  • Free athletics

If the override is rejected the funding, and the tax that generates that funding, will be phased out over 3 years starting in fiscal year 2025-26.

Reasons for renewing the override…

  • This is not a new tax.  The continuation will not change your property tax.
  • Without the override, cutbacks will have to be made to Altar Valley Elementary School programs that currently serve students.  
  • Maintaining competitive salaries enhances our ability to attract talented teachers during this time of critical teacher shortage.
  • If the override is not approved, programs that have depended on its funding will be cut back.

Reasons for eliminating the override…

  • The property tax supporting the override will be phased out, reducing the tax burden on homeowners.

What Your Vote Means


The existing M&O budget override and the resulting tax will continue for 7 years


The override and the resulting tax will not be extended. 

How will you vote? Yes, No

For more information about Prop. 400, download the Voter Information Pamphlet prepared by Pima County’s School Superintendent

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