Prop. 401 – Sahuarita School District Improvement Bond

The Sahuarita School Governing Board is asking voters to approve the issuance of a $50 million bond to fund system-wide school improvements. The bond will be paid for by property taxes.  However, the Board does not expect the bond to increase the school tax rate.

Prop. 401 – What It Does

The bond revenue will fund a range of improvements designed to prepare all Sahuarita schools to meet the needs of a growing population and the needs of 21st Century education and safety.  These include: 

  • Improvements to safety and security systems
  • Technology advancement in classrooms and for security
  • Renovation of aging and outdated facilities
  • Construction of new classrooms and a new fine arts performing theater
  • New furniture and equipment

SUSD has prepared a more detailed list of projects that can be downloaded here…

Funding for the bond will come from property taxes.  The cost is estimated at $215 for the owner of a home valued by the County Assessor at $250,000.  The Board expects to offset this cost with savings gained by retirement of old debt, debt refinancing and expansion of the tax base.  They do not expect the bond to increase the school tax rate.

Reasons for approving the bond…

  • This is an opportunity to prepare Sahuarita schools for the future at no added cost to the taxpayer.  It makes good financial sense.
  • School quality is a reason families move to Sahuarita.  Maintaining quality requires investment.
  • The District has a history of using bond funds wisely.
  • If the bond fails the District will continue to improve school facilities, but at a much smaller scale and slower pace.

Reasons for rejecting the bond…

  • None have been published so far. We will update this if new information becomes available.

What Your Vote Means


The District will be authorized to issue and sell $50,000,000 of school improvement bonds to be repaid with secondary property taxes.


The District is not authorized to issue and sell the proposed bond.

How will you vote? Yes, No

For more information about Prop. 496, download the Voter Information Pamphlet prepared by Pima County’s School Superintendent

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