Prop. 496 Tucson Unified School District Improvement Bond

The TUSD Governing Board is asking voters to approve a bond package for system-wide school improvements.  The bond is expected to generate $480 million.  It will be paid for by an increase in property taxes.

Prop. 496: What It Does

The bond revenue will fund a wide range of improvements in the District’s 88 schools as well as fund construction of new facilities.  Among the improvements planned are:

  • Repairs and upgrades to aging school buildings
  • Improvements to classrooms and learning spaces
  • Improvements to security and safety systems
  • Upgrading learning spaces with the latest classroom technology
  • Replacing and maintaining vehicles needed to transport students

The District has prepared a 92 page report detailing how the money would be spent for every school. It can be downloaded here…

Reasons for approving the bond…

  • Significant cuts in State funding in recent years have made maintenance challenging for the District’s aging schools, which have an average age of 55 years.  Many buildings are badly in need of renovation and upgrading.
  • Providing students with safe and well-maintained facilities and current technology is essential to a thriving learning environment.
  • Investing in school quality now will help ensure we have a well-educated workforce in the future that will benefit the region’s economy.
  • Without the funding for infrastructure improvements, TUSD schools will continue to deteriorate and educational quality will suffer.

Reasons for rejecting the bond…

  • District homeowners and businesses cannot afford the additional property tax.

What Your Vote Means


Authorizes TUSD to issue and sell $480,000,000 in school improvement bonds to be paid for by a property tax increase.


No bond will be issued.

How will you vote? Yes, No

For more information about Prop. 496, download the Voter Information Pamphlet prepared by Pima County’s School Superintendent

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