Prop. 498 – Sunnyside School District M & O Budget Override

The Sunnyside School District Governing Board is asking voters to authorize an 8% maintenance and operations budget override to supplement State funding of District schools. The override will be funded by a new tax on property within the District.

Prop. 498 – What It Does

The override will provide $8,072,542 (est.)  in annual funding starting in the 2024-5 school year.  The District expects to use the money to:

  • Maintain school safety and security
  • Maintain critical positions that directly support academic growth
  • Strengthen programs that prepare students for workforce and college opportunities
  • Support music, art, dance and athletic programs
  • Retain and attract quality teachers and staff with competitive salaries
  • Maintain a competitive, decompressed classified employee salary schedule in compliance with minimum wage standards

The override will be funded by a new property tax.  The tax will add approximately $136 to the total paid by the owner of a property assessed at the average value for the District.

The override will continue for 7 years.

Reasons for approving the override…

  • State funding for education remains well below the national average and does not account for inflation or minimum wage increase.  
  • Sunnyside is the only Pima County school district that does not have an M&O override to supplement state funding.
  • The override will help ensure the continuation of programs that enhance student well-being and academic growth.
  • Investment made in education now will have a long-term impact on our future workforce.

Reasons for rejecting the override…

  • Homeowners cannot afford the additional tax.

What Your Vote Means


The override, and the tax that funds it, will go into effect, generating additional revenue for Sunnyside schools.  


The override will not go into effect.  Funding for Sunnyside schools will remain the same.  

How will you vote? Yes, No

For more information about Prop. 498 and 499, download the Voter Information Pamphlet prepared by Pima County’s School Superintendent

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