Prop. 499 – Sunnyside School District Direct Assistance Budget Override

The Sunnyside School District Governing Board is asking voters to approve a budget override of $7,000,000 or 10% (whichever is less) to supplement State funding.

Prop. 499 – What It Does

If approved, Prop. 499 will raise $7,000,000 (est.) per year for capital improvements to Sunnyside District schools. It will be funded by a new property tax. This will add approximately $118.14 to the property tax for the owner of a home assessed at the average value for the district. The override will stay in effect for 7 years. The funds will be used for school improvements that include:

  • Critical safety and security improvements and modernizing aging school buildings
  • Maintaining attractive athletic and fine arts facilities
  • Classroom technology, curriculum and equipment to support student achievement
  • New school buses and service vehicles to maintain a safe, reliable and cost-effective fleet
  • Future new construction

Reasons for approving the override…

  • State funding for public education remains well below the national average and previous bond funds have been depleted.
  • Educating students for the workforce requires facilities, curriculum and equipment that prepares them for the challenges of the future.
  • Fostering a safer environment plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive learning environment.
  • None of the money will be used for administration.
  • If not approved, the District will not have funds to maintain an updated its transportation fleet, acquire new equipment to support student learning or make much needed improvements to keep school facilities safe and modern.

Reasons for rejecting the override…

  • District homeowners and businesses cannot afford the additional tax burden

What Your Vote Means


Additional funding will be made available for capital expenditures. A new property tax will go into effect.


No additional funding will be made available.

How will you vote? Yes, No

For more information about Prop. 498 and 499, download the Voter Information Pamphlet prepared by Pima County’s School Superintendent

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