In 2007 the Arizona Legislature passed a law creating the Permanent Early Voting List (PEVL.) This allowed citizens to sign up to receive a mail ballot for every election they are eligible to vote in. 

In 2022 the Legislature made changes to PEVL. The name was change to Active Early Voting List (AEVL) and new requirements for staying on the list were put in place.

How To Sign Up Fo AEVL

You can sign up for AEVL in two ways:

Online, by updating your Voter Registration at ServiceArizona. You will need a valid Arizona Driver License or State ID to use the online system.

By mail, using the form you download here…

Return your completed form to

Pima County Recorder

P.O. Box 3145

Tucson, AZ 85702-31452.

What Happens Next

You will receive a notice about 90 days prior to an election with a postage-paid postcard you can use to say you do not want an early ballot for that election.  The postcard will also allow you to update your voter registration information.  If you don’t respond you will receive your ballot as usual.

You are not required to use your mail ballot.  You can still choose to vote in person.  But be aware that under the new regulations not using your ballot frequently enough can result in your name being removed from the list.

Keep Your Address Up To Date

It is critical that you keep your address up to date.  Your ballot cannot be forwarded to a new address by the Post Office.   If your address changes, you must update your Voter Registration if you want to stay on AEVL.

Changes to AEVL In 2025

Legislation passed in 2021 made changes to the Permanent Early Voting List that make it more difficult to stay on the list than was previously the case. Many people are concerned about these changes and have questions.

Will I get my mail ballot for the next election?

Do I have to re-register to stay on the list?

Will I get kicked off the list if I don’t vote in an election?

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