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Only registered party members can vote in this election to select the presidential candidates.

Early voting beginsFeb 21
Last day to request mail ballotMarch 8
Last day to safely mail back ballotMarch 12

Find an Early Voting or Ballot Drop-Off Site here…

Primary Election

Tuesday, July 30

General Election

Tuesday, November 5

The PPE is Arizona’s way of giving voters a voice in the process of nominating presidential candidates.  Here’s how it works…

Voters who are registered as either Democrat or Republican will select the candidate they want to see as their party’s nominee for President.  This is not a binding election.  Arizona delegates to the National Convention could decide to vote for a candidate that didn’t win.

Who’s Running?

Nine Republicans and 7 Democrats are vying for their Party’s nomination.  They qualified to be on the ballot by submitting a petition signed by 500 qualified voters.

Who Can Vote?

  • 18 or older
  • Registered to vote by Feb. 20
  • Registered as a Republican or Democrat

What About Independents?

Independents are not allowed to vote in this election–only party members.  Anyone who wants to participate in the PPE can change their party affiliation to Democrat or Republican by updating their Voter Registration by February 24.  

When Is The Election?

Early voting starts on Feb. 21

Election Day is March 19

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