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Everyone is busy. Voting can be complicated. We can help.

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Election Calendar 2024

          Primary Election           Tuesday, July 30

Last day to register to vote

July 1

Last day to request mail ballot

July 19

Early Voting begins/Early Ballots mailed

July 3

Last day to safely mail back your ballot

July 23

Election Day

July 30

General Election Tuesday, November 5

Primary Voting is happening now!

Make Sure Your Ballot Counts

Mail it back by July 23 to be sure it arrives in time.

Or drop it off at any Early Voting Site


Early Voting Sites Are Open

You can vote in person or drop off your ballot at any open Voting Site.  Here is a list of locations…

Top Voter Questions in 2024 Primary

The Pima County Recorder has published the answers to common questions voters are asking.  Read about it here…

Registered as an Independent?

You can still vote in the primary.  Here’s how…

Call the Pima County Recorder’s Office at 520-724-4330 to request a one-time Ballot By Mail for the political party of your choice.  You must request your ballot by July 19.

Or, ask for a political party ballot when you check in to vote at any Early Voting Location or Election Day Vote Center.

Here are More Great Voting Information Resources


For more information about the League of Women Voters of Greater Tucson, visit our website at…

Register to Vote in the General Election

It’s too late to register for the Primary.  But it’s a great time to register for the General Election on Nov. 5.  We can help.

Did you know that if you are 18 by October 7, you can register to vote now?   Why wait?

If You Haven’t Voted Since 2020…

You will notice some changes in how we vote in Pima County

In-Person Voting Will Be Different

In-Person Voting Will Be Different

When you go to a Vote Center you will notice a difference in the check-in process. Now it is done electronically on a computer tablet instead of manually with printed lists. The system is quicker and more secure.

Vote Centers Have Replaced Precinct Polling Places

Vote Centers Have Replaced Precinct Polling Places

Pima County adopted the Vote Center approach to voting in 2022. Before you could only vote at the assigned polling place in your neighborhood. Now you can vote in person or drop off your ballot at any Vote Center in Pima County that is convenient to your home, work, school or transportation.

Redistricting Changed All Voting Districts

Redistricting Changed All Voting Districts

2021 was a redistricting year, which means that all states were required to redraw their electoral maps. A new set of Arizona Congressional and Legislative Districts were created by our Independent Redistricting Commission. So you can expect to find that your voting districts have new numbers and possibly new boundaries. All county and city voting districts were also redrawn.

Check out the Voting Toolbox for more practical information about registration, election procedures, I.D. requirements, Vote By Mail and more…

We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge and the confidence to participate.