In-Person Voting Will Be Different


The process of checking in to vote and receiving your ballot will be different.  The old system, where a voter was checked in and verified manually using printed lists and then given a pre-printed ballot for their precinct has been replaced by an electronic system using electronic pollbooks (E-Pollbooks.) E-Pollbooks have been used in Arizona since 2012.  Pima County is the last county in Arizona to adopt E-Pollbooks.

How It Works 

The entire check-in process is handled on a tablet computer. You will approach a poll worker and give them your ID, just like before.

  • If you are using a scannable form of ID they will scan it on the tablet to verify that you are registered and your information is correct.  If you are using another form of ID, your information will be input manually.  
  • You will sign the tablet using a stylus.  Your signature will be checked against the one that is on file.
  • You will be given a receipt.
  • A ballot that is specific to your precinct will be printed.
  • You will be given the ballot, and from this point the process is the same as always.

Advantages of the New System

  • It’s faster:  Electronic check-in will take an average of 30 seconds vs 3 minutes for the old manual system.
  • It helps prevent fraud:  The system records that a person has voted and that information is available at every Vote Center immediately. Any attempt to vote again at a different center is prevented.
  • It’s more secure: No ballots are printed in advance, so there are no extra blank ballots that must be kept secure.  Ballots can only be printed when a voter checks in.
  • It eliminates human error:  The old system required checking lists and filling out forms by hand.  There were several points in the process vulnerable to error.

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