Vote Centers Replaced Precinct Polling Places

Before:  You could only vote at the assigned polling place in your neighborhood.

Now:  You can vote at any Vote Center in the county that is convenient to your home, work, school or transportation center.

Why the Change?

Pima is the 13th county in Arizona to adopt Vote Centers. The system has been in effect since first adopted by Yavapai County in 2012. The Vote Center model has broad bi-partisan support among election officials who prefer the Vote Center system for several reasons:

  • It is more convenient:  It allows people the flexibility to vote near their home, workplace, school, or wherever they happen to be on Election Day.
  • It reduces confusion:  It eliminates the problem of voters going to the wrong polling place where they had to cast a provisional ballot that might not get counted.
  • We get faster results:  It largely eliminates provisional ballots, which slow down the tabulation of results.
  • It is more efficient to run:  Setting up polling places has become increasingly expensive and difficult to staff.  Vote Centers, combined with more efficient electronic check-in procedures, will reduce the time it takes to vote as well as the expense.

Location, Location, Location

There will be approximately 130 Vote Centers located throughout the county for the Primary and General Elections.  They will be large indoor spaces that have ample parking and are ADA compliant.  Vote Centers will be located close to public transportation and in areas where more people vote in person.

When Vote Center locations have been finalized for the July 30 Election they will be posted here…

Find A Vote Center

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